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Beyond Grant

Beyond Grant



We will make a long-lasting, positive impact in the communities in which we live, work & play.


We will provide financial and service-based assistance to impactful causes our team deems worthy.


We are committed to being engaged in fulfilling these duties by:

  • Cultivating Teamwork
  • Building Comradery
  • Encouraging Personal Engagement
  • Maintaining an awareness of Legacy Management

The Process

Grant applications will be reviewed and considered quarterly. The selection committee will review all applications and may request additional information. We cannot guarantee that every grant proposal will be funded, or that you will receive the full amount you requested.

What We Fund

  • We support causes that provide sustainable and long-lasting benefit to the community
  • We advocate for strong families
  • We prioritize mental and physical health
  • We support strengthening our communities and our surrounding environment

At Beckenhauer Construction we value people over projects. We value every relationship – with clients, sub-contractors, and community members alike. BCI employees have a clear sense of pride in the work we do and the support we offer in Nebraska’s hometown. We know that together we are building a greater Nebraska!

Quarterly deadlineS

January 1 | April 1 | July 1 | October 1

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