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The Design/Build approach of construction allows the owners to contract with a firm to provide both design and construction services. This approach replaces the traditional method of awarding separate contracts for design and construction. With Design/Build, the contractor and architect/engineer work together as a team in serving the owner’s needs during design, construction, and completion.

Benefits of Design/Build Construction

A building is actually constructed twice. Before any earth is ever moved, the owner and design/build team must discuss and define the structure. A budget is then established, ideas are reduced to construction plans and specifications, and finally, physical construction begins.

Assembling and working with the right team of professionals will ensure that the construction of a building flows smoothly and is completed to the owner’s exact requirements…both times.

Complete package

Working with the right design/build firm takes the guesswork out of assembling the construction team. One company will provide the entire package of leadership, direction and execution expertise throughout each creative phase. This one firm will provide turnkey service, from guidance at the time the building is but a figment of someone’s imagination, through coordination of design and construction, and beyond.

Built-in Value

Because of the coordination of professional services, design/build optimizes the use of time and money. The result is commonly referred to as fast-track construction, where certain design and building functions can be overlapped to speed project completion. Budgets are also established early in the project. Once basic requirements are defined, long lead time materials can be ordered early, also leading to earlier occupancy. In a similar fashion, value engineering provides the foundation for reducing costs without sacrificing quality. Value engineering is a systematic process that results in the lowest life cycle costs for the intended use of a facility.

Getting it Right

The very nature of design/build enhances accuracy. First, the design professionals work closely within the construction people throughout the project. The builder’s field knowledge can enhance the design by offering practical, money-saving, solutions. Working closely also allows for efficient resolution of questions or problems.

And for the building owner, it’s just plain easier to work with one company rather than several. Communication and decision-making are automatically streamlined. Single-source responsibility also means sole accountability. One firm oversees every phase, so this one company assumes total responsibility for all results.

Great Expectations

By choosing to follow such a building program, you assure yourself a variety of positive results—professional guidance to help define a structure that meets your goals, design and construction services that take full advantage of scheduling and value engineering efficiencies, faster-than-average completion schedules, improved accuracy, easier communications and total accountability.

The design/build construction process is the best way to ensure that your highest expectations are met—every time.


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