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Midwest Bank

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Midwest Bank (Norfolk)

It's undeniable that the best compliment to receive for a service well done is a repeating customer. This construction project for Midwest Bank will be our fifth facility built by Beckenhauer Construction. That genuinely describes our trust in Beckenhauer Construction and Bill Barritt. We look forward to seeing the completed project in the coming months.
Douglas Johnson

Midwest Bank (Norfolk)

April, 2021
Norfolk, NE
Construction Management
Project Summary

The new three-story, 45,000sf facility will serve as the new corporate headquarters.

Doug Johnson, president and CEO of Midwest Bank said the unveiling was an exciting day for the bank, the Norfolk community and all of the other communities served by Midwest Bank.

“This venture has been under the planning for the better part of five years, and it’s grown from out of the need for additional space and the need to be able to have the space and the latest technology to serve all of the clients we have across our 10 communities in eastern Nebraska and now two locations in Colorado.”