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Madison County Law Enforcement Center

We chose Construction Management over traditional contracting and recommend its use for the following reasons: Service is enhanced since the CM is on board sooner; Resolution of problems is quicker & cheaper; Working relationship with all concerned parties is established on a TEAM concept.
Rod Hughes
County Commissioner

Madison County Law Enforcement Center

Madison County
August, 1996
Madison, NE
Construction Management
Community Facilities
Project Summary

The project included new County Jail and Sheriff's Department attached to the existing Courthouse and renovation.  Beckenhauer Construction was hired when plans and specifications were about 90-95% complete and the budget had already been established.  We assisted with the preparation of bid packages, developed subcontractor bidder’s interest, and assisted with analysis of bids received.  We were not involved in any design options or budget analysis at the time the first bids were received.  The bids received were well in excess of the budget. At that time we were directed to assist the Architect in an analysis of possible changes and options to support a reduction in cost without loss of useable end product.  Through a joint effort with the architect, we were able to achieve acceptable compromises which reduced the cost by more that $500,000 (10%) without loss of beds or services.